58 Characters From JAMB’s Independence Novel 2018

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So the JAMB 2018/2019 Examination is fast approaching and rumors had it that the exam would be postponed not until JAMB made an official statement of reprinting of slips is starting tomorrow 6th, March, 2018 and the exams starts of the 9th. Of March, 2018.
We at Trendsvibes.com have compiled a list 58 important characters in the novel (Independence written by Sarah Ladipo Mayinka).


 1. Omotayo Oluwakayode Ajayi also known as TY.
 2. Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi : Tayo’s father who was once a court servant and an interpreter in the native administration before joining the police.
 3. Mrs Elizabeth Richardson: Mother of Venessa.
 4. Mr Jonathan Richardson: Father of Venessa.
5. Bisi and Remi: Siblings of Tayo.
6. Mr Edward Maximilian Barker: The one who welcomed Omotayo prior to the letter given to Tayo by Mr Faircliff.
 7. Mr Clark: Tayo’s Mathematics Teacher.
8. Mr Blackburn: British empire history teacher.
 9. Headmaster Faircliff: Tayo’s Headmaster.
10. Uncle Bolu also known as Uncle B: Tayo’s uncle who loved drinking and women. And women also loved him in return.
11. Modupe: Tayo’s Lover before going to Oxford at age 19.
12. Uncle Oluwakayode Ogundipe: A Big Man in Lagos, who lived in a luxurious, a senior army officer before leaving for France to study Engineering. He was able to meet Venessa.
13. Helen: Uncle Kayode’s wife.
14. Aunty Bayo: Former wife of Uncle Kayode.
15. Mr Lekan Olajide: whom Tayo met on board – from Ogbomoso.
16. Mr Ibrahim Mohammed : whom Tayo met on board- from Kaduna on a voyage
 17 Mr Ike Nwade: A student of History
18. . Mrs Isabella Barker: An attractive young Italian woman who preferred to be called “Isabella”..
19. Miss Christine Arinze : A student of Modern language who later became Tayo’s girlfriend but had a misunderstanding with Tayo because he didn’t want a longtime relationship. She later on had Ike has her boyfriend. She died of drug overdose (Suicide). She studied Modern Languages at St. Hilda College, Oxford
20. Mr Bolaji Ladipupo: A Law student

21. Venessa Richardson “aka Moremi by Tayo to show her fighting spirit”: Tayo’s white Lady lover..
 22. Christopher Okigbo: A poet and Omotayo’s teacher
23. Jane: A Friend to Venessa a physicist also (whites) studying at Cambridge.
 24. Pat: A Physicist – Vanessa’s friend.
25. Gita from Kenya: An English student – Vanessa’s friend.
26. Charlie and Mehul: (whites)
27. Simon: The president of west African Student.
28. Francis: From Ghana who was with the idea that independence came far too early for africans
29. Maynes Keynes: Venessa’s grandpa was in the colonial service
 30. Lord Lugard: was once the governor of Hong kong before coming to Nigeria and he also became our governor in the year 1914.
 31. Nancy Murdoch and Mr Murdoch.
32. Uncle Tony:  Vanessa’s Uncle – who had sex with Jane on their way from the train station.
33. Tunde: the cousin of Tayo who works in the bakery.
34. Yusuf Abubakar: who works in the hospital. HE believed white women were only meant for friendship but not for marriage with his genuine reasons
35. Nkrumah: The first president of Ghana and Senghor of Senegal Kenyatt.
36. Madam Pagnole.: The Cook for the Humes – middle name is Gisele
37. Chinua Achebe:  Author of things fall apart and No longer at Ease.
38. Joyce: Yusuf’s white girlfriend who said he hasn’t heard Yusuf speak Nigerian before and thenYusuf replied her: you daft one, no one speaks Nigerian.
39. Mr and Mrs winter: They live across the road at Bradley – they bailed Tunde , Tayo and Yusuf when they were arrested
40. Joy Williams: The black WOMAN Yusuf got married to.
 41. Salamatou: an hairstylist in Dakar, Senegal who died in a motor accident
 42. Nigerian coup d’etat and Biafran war.
43. Anais Nin: The first British erotic writer
44. Jean Luc: A French who had promised to marry Salamatou but ran away after he got to know she was pregnant.
 45. Miriam: A nurse, whom treated Tayo’s father and got pregnant for Tayo. Got married to Tayo and gave birth to Kemi.
46. Kemi: Daughter of Tayo Trendsvibes.com and Miriam
48.. President Shagari
49. Wole Soyinka: Okri the Booker.
 50. Mr Akin: A carver..
51. Dogun Dutse Mobile station.
 52. Samir: From Bradford – Interpreter at the Brakery.
 53. Suleiman: Salamatou’s son hence Venessa’s adopted son. A Muslim he became and a drop out from Cambridge.
 54. Abdou: The driver who was taken Tayo to the airport before an accident occur.
55. Laurent: Kemi’s boyfriend.
56. Danjuma: The gardener – who later had secret affair with Vanessa’s mother.
57. Juma and Saratu: Vanessa’s home cats
58. Professor John Harris: He is the man whom Kemi introduced to his father from the University


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