Olamide’s Science Student Music Video and Audio Is Total ‘Word and Opposite’ #TrendsVibesReview

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So the most anticipated video of the month is finally out as the audio initially had set the street, Radio Statios, Parties, Clubs and social media ablaze.

Following the success of ‘Wo’, YBNL Boss Olamide decided to bless his fans with something similar and more ‘Street Vibes’ in the track Science Student.
Undoubtedly, the is super interesting, catchy and blends with the trending viral dance ‘Shaku Shaku’ but here comes the ‘Word and Opposite part’
So having heard the audio, one could deduce the fact from the chorus ‘Won ti po Omi Gutter Po, Oju ti dirty, Won ti po Chemical po Awon omo Science Student ‘ that Olamide was basically promoting those in the ‘Ghetto’ that mix all sorts of herbs and drugs just to get energized and hyped. Then fast forward to the ending where he literally mentioned all sort of hard drinks ‘Jedi, Alomo, Kerewa, Bajinotu and the rest’. But only to release a video that says something totally off track. Started the video with a little drama, and then when the song was playing all He(Olamide) was doing was just walking in a desserted place. Especially the part where the dance ‘Shaku Shaku’ is expected, there was nothing to show for it. Personally, unlike ‘Wo’ I can’t be watching ‘Science Student’ video and dance along. I’ll just be staring like it’s some drama.
Fast forward to the middle where Kaffy brought In some energy with dance steps and nice costume (that takes one back to Michael Jackson’s Thriller video). That added some sauce, but still the audio was losing some juice part, it’ll just go off and they’ll be some silence and all.  Well, a video of 7:35 Duration with audio being just 3:23 should obviously have lot of space and drama in it.
But in conclusion, the direction was a hit! And Olamide tried to pass a message through the video saying “Say No to Drug Abuse” and this appeared in every 60s part of the video. Word on the street has it that Olamide is basically scared of NBC’s ban based on the same thing that happened to ‘Wo’. So what’s your say? This true? Is he really Scared of NBC’S ban? Or he’s just passing the message truthfully?


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